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Data: 15 Październik 2010
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[PC] Onimusha 3: Demon Siege - ENG

[PC] Onimusha 3: Demon Siege - ENG | 987 MB | 252 MB Links

Gameplay alternates between Samanosuke fighting in modern day Paris using various weapons, and Jacques fighting in Feudal Japan using an energy whip. Players will also get to control Michelle, who relies on guns. Like the previous games, Samanosuke and Jacques can gain elemental weapons, changing their fighting style and allowing access to magic attacks. If the player collects certain items during the game and completes it, Samanosuke will be able to use his weapons from the first game in the next playthrough.

Like previous games, attacking and defeating enemies reaps souls, which when absorbed can restore health and magic, be used as currency for purchasing ammo and health items, and allow Samanosuke or Jacques to enter a more powerful state for a short time.

New to this game is a focus on time travel when solving puzzles. For example, if Samanosuke comes across a door in the present that has become too withered to open, Jacques will need to open the door in the past so that it will stay open for Samanosuke to progress. Such as the flow of time is, things Samanosuke does in the present will not affect things in the past. However, Ako is able to transfer some items between both timelines.

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

[PC] Onimusha 3: Demon Siege - ENG

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