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Autor: Zibert
Data: 14 Październik 2010
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[PC] Enclave - ENG

[PC] Enclave - ENG | 1,53 GB

In the game, players can choose to take on the role of either a warrior of Light, or a minion of Darkness, complete with separate and unique missions reflecting the nature of that decision. Battle takes place in a medieval fantasy realm.

1,000 years ago, the Dreg'Atar armies of the demon lord Vatar had all but destroyed the people of Celenheim. In an act of desperation, the high wizard Zale sundered the land and created a rift around Celenheim, keeping the armies of Vatar at bay. In time, Celenheim forgot the war, forgot Vatar, as they went about their daily affairs. Now, the rift is closing, and evil threatens the land once again. An unlikely hero, freed from prison by happenstance, must rise and fight for Light or Darkness, to either destroy the demon king Vatar or kill the queen of Celenheim.

Non-player characters
- Alecto: The leader of the Ancestors (the people of Meckelon) who resembles a typical Roman emperor. The player must earn an audience with him in order to gain his aid in the upcoming war with the Outlanders.
- Head Councillor Mordessa: The evil sorceress who wishes to summon Vatar and together with him, and reign together the world. With a ruthless heart and an extraordinary magical skill, she's certainly capable of realizing her goal. She is the player's mistress for most of the Dark campaign.
- High Wizard Zale: The mighty and mysterious wizard who defeated Vatar, now assumed long-dead.
- Queen Aylindel and Princess Jasindra: Good rulers of the Enclavers. Jasindra is a virgin, and Mordessa needs her as sacrifice for Vatar in order to unite with her "love".
- Vatar ("Great One): A mighty ancient demon and the incarnation of evil and fear. He was once destroyed by High Wizard Zale, but later revived by High Councillor Mordessa with the help of the Tome of Souls. He is forced to obey Mordessa, but ultimately aims to break free from the bound of his "beloved" servant. In doing so, he will be able to assume his former role in order to invade the Enclave and take back the very magic he once lost to.
- Zurana: Once an ambitious sorceress and a rival of Mordessa for Vatar's affections, Zurana was consumed by evil forces of the Tome of Souls and was defeated by Vatar. She now appears as a large demon-like skeleton.

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[PC] Enclave - ENG

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