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Autor: Zibert
Data: 14 Październik 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

[PC] Darkest of Days - ENG

[PC] Darkest of Days - ENG | 4,65 GB | 366 MB Links

Have you ever wondered what could happen if time travel was a reality? Have you ever thought about the possibility of going back in time to rewrite history for the better? That possibility is a reality in Darkest of Days, where players will travel back and forth through the annals of time to relive some of mankind's most dire hours

By fighting through terrible events such as The Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest conflict of the Civil War, and both World War I and II, the player will attempt to save certain key individuals who were never meant to become involved in these truly monstrous events and thereby change human history for the better

Brand New Engine: The dedicated team at 8monkey Labs has created an all-new, groundbreaking game engine known as Marmoset. The Marmoset engine not only breaks from the all-too present Unreal engine FPS clones flooding the market, but also allows for some amazing graphical capabilities. You'll fight through epic battles filled with literally hundreds of NPCs on the screen at the same time, all with an advanced AI and all without a hint of graphical slowdown and all set against wide-open environments that are lushly detailed and dynamically lighted

Compelling Storyline: Darkest of Days is a compelling action-packed first-person shooter to be sure, but it's not just mindless run-and-gun, blow 'em up gameplay. You'll have to not only think about how to approach certain key battles and situations, but you'll also have to take care when fighting certain key people that were never meant to die will be marked with a special blue aura. If you kill them you'll face dire consequences

Wreak Havoc with Future Weapons in Antiquity: Something nearly every gamer that's ever played a shooter based in the past has always wanted is the ability to bring a futuristic weapon back through history and kick some major butt. How differently would Custer's last stand have turned out if the General was equipped with an M-16 assault rifle? You'll be able to answer questions like this in Darkest of Days. While not every battle and situation will allow you to wield weapons from the future there will be plenty of opportunities for you to unleash futuristic fury on your unsuspecting foes

Added in this release:
- Autorun DVD Menu.
- Skin Instalation.
- image changing when Installation Is In Progress.
- Shortcut To Desktop/StartMenu.
- Game Explorer Shortcut for Windows vista and Windows Seven
- Disk1= DVD5
- CD2= CD (700MB)
- now you can burn it to DVD and keep for colection.
- Patch v1.04 and v1.05 is inside on CD2

Version History:
Version 1.04
New Features:
- Added support for more mouse buttons (mouse 4 and 5)
- Added support for num pad bindings
- Added mouse smoothing option

- Fixed crash in "Rebel Yell" mission
- Fixed ATI driver crash in Pompeii part 1
- Fixed "save while dead" bug from zeppelin mission
- OpenAL fix for systems that don't support the EFX extension
- Mouse cursor should now be hidden properly on all systems
- Fixed bug where starting a new game immediately after finishing an old one resulted in all missions staying complete
- Alt+F4 combo removed
- Fixed benchmark/load screen interaction issues
- Weapon code cleanups in DNGr and FMG
- PhysX particle code safeties
- OpenAutomate benchmark listings fixed

Darkest of Days v1.05 Update
New Features:
- New gameplay mode: Instant Action is now available to players who have completed the story campaign.

- Localization fixes for international release

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

[PC] Darkest of Days - ENG

[PC] Darkest of Days - ENG

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