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Hasbro Family Game Night (2010/ENG)

Hasbro Family Game Night (2010/ENG)
PC | 2010 | ENG | Developer & Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: EA Redwood Shores | 250 mb
Publisher: Electronic Arts | Genre: 3D Arcade

Hasbro Family Game Night consists of 6 separate games - BATTLESHIP, YAHTZEE, BOGGLE, CONNECT FOUR, SORRY! and an entirely new and previously unknown SORRY! Sliders. These games are popular in many countries around the world and will please all your family and friends. Play can be two or four - depending on the selected mini-games.

In Hasbro Family Game Night, you can set the desired atmosphere, easily changing the look of the game room and game elements, and even setting their own, appropriate to your rules. Will be in Hasbro Family Game Night and mini-games to help pass the time: Match the Pattern, Shake for Words, Bomb Run and many others.

During the game you will receive various bonuses and awards, which can then be used to decorate a virtual playroom.

For a large company regime exists Game Party. In this mode, you can choose a few games, the number of players and to determine the time for which will determine the winner. For the Party Game mode, you can use a different set of tests and games, including Match the Pattern, Shake for Words, Bomb Run, etc. The game will give you the opportunity to spend every free evening in the company of friends and relatives really fun and interesting.

Hasbro Family Game Night (2010/ENG)

Hasbro Family Game Night (2010/ENG)

Hasbro Family Game Night (2010/ENG)





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