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Schlag den Raab GERMAN0x0007 (2010)

Schlag den Raab GERMAN0x0007 (2010)
Language: German | Game Type: Action
Release Date: 09/10 | Size: 807.46 Mb

The German television has not seen this yet: During the show blow the Raab a candidate lines up in the duel against Stefan Raab and can win, besides, 500,000 EUR, 1,000,000 EUR or still more! Besides, a play mix from talent, sport, knowledge and daring decides on victory or defeat. And it is about everything or Nothing, because if Stefan Raab triumphs at the end, the candidate goes without tired cent home and the profit sum walks in the jackpot which is played then during the next show plus other 500,000 EUR. And if the candidate also loses...

Now THEY receive the chance of your life!! In blow the Raab the Game you can sniff the original TV atmosphere and feel how one feels as a selected candidate during the most popular TV show of Germany. Line up against the multitalent Stefan Raab and try to assert yourselves against his ambition and victory will. Besides, a play mix from skill, knowledge and action decides on victory or defeat. Prove during the popular quiz Disgrace or collecting of your general knowledge, test your geography knowledge in Where what lies, use cleverly the WiiRemote (Wii) or mouse (PC) for the Pompel play or compete against Raab in the cow milk!

21 miniplays, as they cannot be more diverse, stand for the choice. A pool of more than 2,000 questions provides for the fact that the quiz plays put you over and over again before new challenges. A duel mode for up to four players on the Wii and 2 players in the PC guarantees long amusing party evenings according to the draught of the TV broadcasting with Open...

* Unique combination of quiz and action plays
* Amusing conversion of the TV show with affectionately formed caricatures of Stefan Raab, Matthias Opdenhovel and Elton
* Duel mode: Line up like in the broadcasting against Stefan Raab and get the jackpot
* Party mode: Up to 2 players can line up here mutually
* Original set of rules of the broadcasting
* Authentic TV atmosphere with the original voices
* 21 miniplays from the areas of Skill, knowledge and action
* Special bonus system guarantees longterm play fun by free switching of new miniplays

Game Title: Schlag den Raab
Developer: (c) NAMCO BANDAI
Language: German
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 09/10
Disc(s): 1 DVD
Protection: PCD





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