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Guilty Gear X2 - Reload (PC/ENG/RePack)

Guilty Gear X2 - Reload (PC/ENG/RePack)
Language: English, Japanese | PC | Developer: Arc System Works | Publisher: Sammy Studios | 242 Mb
Genres: Arcade / Fighting

Best fighters converged on the scene of universal massacre. There are no rules, no mercy ... The victory - only a step towards a new battle. Each of the characters has its own arsenal and the original set of techniques and can destroy an opponent a combination of rapidly conducted. Perfect balance and a variety of defensive and attacking techniques turn every match into an exciting show.

Hurricane action is accompanied by musical compositions Daisuke Isivatari in the genre of Japanese rock music. The graphics in the style of anime and colorful special effects create a unique atmosphere.

In Guilty Gear Reload nine game modes, among which are especially worth noting ŤMissionť - single task of varying difficulty. After passing a certain number of missions are available to the secret mode where devices operate in new ways, and opponents have phenomenal skills (such as unlockable attacks or infinite energy). For those who want to compete with friends, has a mode "duel" on one computer

• Favorite millions of exotic anime graphics;
• 20 fantastic men: each with its own arsenal and a set of techniques, including the instant murder;
• 9 game modes, including Mission - about a hundred tasks of varying difficulty;
• Duel one-on-one for two players;
• Bonus and a secret game modes with unrealistically powerful foes and updated techniques;

System requirements:
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98SE / Me / 2000 XP / Vista / Seven
• Processor: Pentium Ž II 450 MHz
• RAM: 64 MB
• Video: 3D-graphics adapter with 32 MB memory
• Free hard disk space: 536 MB

Guilty Gear X2 - Reload (PC/ENG/RePack)

Guilty Gear X2 - Reload (PC/ENG/RePack)

Guilty Gear X2 - Reload (PC/ENG/RePack)




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