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Autor: Zibert
Data: 9 Październik 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

[PC] Ubersoldier - ENG

[PC] Ubersoldier - ENG | 2 GB

In Ubersoldier, you become an elite German soldier who was killed in an ambush by the French Resistance in 1944. Fortunately for you, your chances to serve the homeland aren't over, because the SS are running a program in which they resurrect the dead, turning them into fearless "Ubersoldiers" with paranormal powers.Unfortunately for the homeland, the dead obey the first person who speaks to them after their resurrection, which in your case means a German resistance operative who has freed you from the SS labs for her own ends. Now, rather than faithfully fighting for the Fatherland, you will try to undermine its efforts by putting an end to the entire Ubersoldier project.

A straight-up first-person shooter, Ubersoldier focuses on the action. You wield a handy knife for gutting foes, as well a number of authentic World War II rifles, pistols, submachine guns, and grenades. You even get to control a submarine's torpedoes and anti-aircraft guns during one mission. The graphics for the weapon models and environments are first class, with excellent detail and sharp textures. One of your paranormal Ubersoldier powers is the ability to put up a bullet shield, which can stop bullets in their tracks Matrix-style. This ability is limited, however, as it is powered by a meter that gets re-charged by racking up head shots on your enemies in rapid succession. If your meter is powered enough, you can actually bounce bullets back at the enemies who shot at you. The graphics of the effect are spectacular, featuring a blue shimmer that actually suspends the individual bullets in midair.

The campaign in Ubersoldier takes you across a slate of secret research facilities, bombed-out cities, military bases, and the aforementioned U-boat as you work for the Allies. Firefights are fast, frequent, and bloody, and the weapons feel as they have real force to them. The enemies in Ubersoldier are not exceedingly bright, but they're often cunning and extremely reactive. They will open up their machine guns the moment they see you and will heave grenades that will force you to clear out quickly -- that is, if you're not blown up first!

In Ubersoldier, the ESRB-mature rating is for good reason. When you shoot a guy, the nearby walls and floor run red with blood, and if you hit him in the face a few times, you're screen will soon fill up with a reddened, leaking pulp. If an enemy has the misfortunate to end up in close proximity to a grenade blast, he will grab his head and stumble about, wailing in agony until you put him out of his misery. In fact, putting a few enemies temporarily out of service with a grenade, only to finish them off while they scream and suffer, is a macabre but effective technique. You will get to see some cool scripted events too, such as an enemy falling off a rooftop after getting shot, only to hit a power line in an explosion of sparks on the way down. The designers thoughtfully scattered just enough explosive fuel barrels and oxygen tanks around the levels to add to the mayhem, creating loads of smoke and fire, flying bodies and debris.

Indoors, the game takes you from dank sewers to a plush auditorium, from a disgustingly urine-soaked bathroom to human experimentation laboratories, and everything in between. The lighting effects are well thought out and vary from location to location, and the walls and floors are liberally decorated with appropriate furnishings and odds and ends. The backgrounds are all animated, with air-duct fans that rotate, large pieces of machinery that chug and whirr, and control panels that blink and flash. Not for those who are squeamish or too easily startled, Ubersoldier boasts smooth battles that have plenty of visceral carnage, well-paced missions, and an overall strong sense of forward momentum that keeps you active without ever feeling harried.

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

[PC] Ubersoldier - ENG

[PC] Ubersoldier - ENG

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