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Data: 2 Październik 2010
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Contra 12 in 1 + NES Emulator

Contra 12 in 1 + NES Emulator

Now add 12 more species of game Contra:
Contra (U)
Contra Fighter (Unl) (U)
Contra Spirits (Unl)
Gryzor (J)
Probotector (E)
Probotector II (E)
Super Contra (Rus)
Super Contra 7 (Unl)
Super Contra II (Unl)
Super Contra X (Unl)
Super Gryzor (J)
Contra Force (Rus)

Description of the series Contra:
Just Contra - the first game quite a long series of company Konami, implemented on multiple platforms. There is a Japanese version called Gryzor. It has some differences. For example, the animation in some places changed (one might even say improved), there are new wallpapers, as well as a map of the gaming world, is shown before the start of game action. There is also a European version - called Probotector. It can take a copy of the American version with the changed sprites. Because of the limitations of censorship, the sprites were redrawn people into robots. Also been changed and the logo game. As a bonus here are added Fighter and Spirits.

Description of Series Super Contra:
Super Contra - This second game in the series, appeared on the NES console in 1990, was a sequel to the hit Contra, released two years earlier. Very often, the American version of Super Counter is called for short - Super C. The reason is the title screen of the American version, which from the stylized word "Contra" left only the first letter "C". In Japan, the game is more commonly known as Super Gryzor. However, unlike the first part of the Super Gryzor'e virtually no different from Super Contra. The only difference is present in the title game screen. Also there is a separate version of the Super Counter for Europe, where more stringent restrictions on violence in games. This game was called Probotector II - Return of the Evil Forces. As in the first part of Probotector, people here are replaced by robots. Some representatives of game-industry love to give Super Gryzor for some new version of Counter - Super Contra 2, Super Contra 7 ... Such games are usually almost indistinguishable from the original.

Description of the series Contra Force:
Contra Force - game consoles NES, part of a series of games Contra, but the plot is not related to her. The game was implemented many innovations compared to previous games of series:
- Team-mate, managed computer intelligence;
- The choice of the protagonist of the four characters that differ in the sets of arms and high jump;
- Change weapons is through the accumulation of bonuses;
- There were homing missiles;
- Interactive environment: the individual instruments, boxes and some items can be destroyed;
- Influence of atmospheric phenomena: the wind blows in the direction of the character, which runs on the wing.

OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
Language: Rus., Eng., Franz., Japanese. Chinese.

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