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Autor: Zibert
Data: 2 Październik 2010
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[PC] Field of Glory - ENG

[PC] Field of Glory - ENG | 75 MB

Field of Glory is a wargame system for PC that covers the ancient and medieval worlds. The initial release covers during the Rise of Rome from Zama in North Africa to the battles of Boudicca’s revolt in Britain. Later releases will expand to new periods and new areas of the ancient and medieval world. Based on the popular Field of Glory tabletop wargaming system from Slitherine (hxxp://, the PC version takes care of all the calculations and measurements and just leaves you to make the important and fun decisions.

Inspired by the Field of Glory tabletop wargaming system the PC edition has an easy to use interface with a focus on having a fun game. In particular it is very easy to play multi-player against other users across the internet.

- Game play that allows key decisions to decide the results of historical battles.
- Detailed and accurate depiction of ancient warfare (combat mechanics, leaders, morale).
- Single and 2 player head to head modes as well with an internet based multi-player system.
- 18 battles of varying size.
- Play as Achaean League, Carthage, Caledonians, Gaul, Germanic Tribes, Macedonians, Spartacus Slave Revolt, Romans or even Romans vs. Romans at Pharsalus.
- Comprehensive scenario builder is included. There are graphics for 11 different terrain types with western European and arid settings. 141 different battle group types with the system with almost limitless ability to modify their individual behaviour in the game.

Install Notes:
1# Unzip, Unrar manually.
2# Run setup.bat, after thats done hit FieldOfGlory.exe to play.



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