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Data: 27 Wrzesień 2010
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[PC] Neverend - ENG

[PC] Neverend - ENG | 1,54 GB

Prepare yourself for a fantastical role-playing adventure in the magical world of Neverend. Rejected by society, you are Agavaen, a misterious young woman with magical powers.
Explore a vast and unique world arming yourself with powerful weapons and spells as you uncover the clues to your true identity.
Explore the vast and enchanted world of Neverend - A world filled with action, magic and adventura. Travel through its bustling towns, towering castles, ancient ruins and lush landscapes. Talk to its inhabitants - choose your words wisely. Many will be friend... but many will be foe.
Arm yourself with powerfull weapons and magical spells as you are confronted by enemies who will do everything they can to prevent you from completing your quests.

- Battle your way through legions of challenging enemies as you quickly select your strategies with the unique and powerful combat system.
- Build a powerful character with experience points gained through battles and quests. Purchase rare armor upgrades and potions with gold that you collect along the way.
- Create numerous potent spells with the unique rune system.
- Uncover distinct storylines based on how you play the game.
- 3 levels of difficult to suit your playing style.

[PC] Neverend - ENG

[PC] Neverend - ENG



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