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Blacklight Tango Down 2010 ENG

Blacklight Tango Down | PC | 1,88 GB

PartiCENZURAte in "NetWar": hyper-realistic battlefield, which gives you a chance to fight in future battles with friends, or against your friends in the harsh universe of Blacklight. Walk through seven game modes and 12 maps in intense battles that support up to 16 players. Or overcome the four stress-Black Ops missions in co-op or alone, all the while gaining experience, collecting statistics, and discovering things. Get the new equipment, improve their abilities and use his Hyper Reality Visor to locate the enemy and destroy them. Edit your character and weapons with thousands of combinations to be like a soldier, what you always wanted to be.

Blacklight Tango Down 2010 ENG

Blacklight Tango Down 2010 ENG

Year: 2010
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D
Developer: Zombie Studios
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment
Platform: PC
Publication Type: license
Language: English
Tablet: want to key Windows for LIVE (not like other games!)
Size: 1.88 GB

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP Ž, Windows Vista Ž, Windows Ž 7
Processor: Intel Ž (any dual core) or AMD (any dual core)
Video Card: NVIDIA Ž GeForce Ž 6800 or ATI Radeon ™ X1800
Hard Drive Space: 2GB
DirectX Version: DirectX Ž 9.0c

Attention! Installation via Game.msi

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