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Autor: Demonxx
Data: 26 Wrzesień 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Return to Castle Wolfenstein 7w1

Return to Castle Wolfenstein 7w1

Genre: Action
Year: 2001
Developer: Gray Matter Interactive Studios, and Nerve Software
Publisher: Activision
Language: Russian
Publication Type: license

Contents of this released:
1 - Original Game.
2 - Addon Project 51
3 - Addon Timegate
4 - Addon Stalingrad
5 - Addon Operation Trondheim Special Forces
6 - Addon Operation Trondheim2 Red Alert
7 - Addon Operation Trondheim3 Iron Cross

System requirements: OS: Windows 98SE/2000/XP/Vista/Seven
Pentium 4 1500Mhz 256 MB RAM, 64MB DirectX8-compatible graphics card DirectX8-compatible sound card.

'Return To Castle Wolfenstein' - the Germans - to achieve world domination by exclusion Nordic occult sciences and inhuman experiments killer doctors. You - the American Ranger, Willie Blazhkovich. Before you set a goal to return to Castle Wolfenstein and destroy the diabolical plans of the Nazis, led by Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler. Destroy the evil, escaping from the cellars of the Gestapo and the Society Anenerbe. Failure of the operation impossible. If the plan Himmler succeeds, the war for the Allied forces over ... and the war is over for the entire free world. Bay fascist vermin! Victory will be ours!

'Operation Trondheim 1 - Special Forces' - the first part of the trilogy Operation Trondheim. German troops occupied the Norwegian port of Trondheim, which is a very important military target - Radar, which covers the northern seas ... Because of this, the Allied troops were cut off from support from the north: the Germans were intercepting all the convoys of security. Your task - to destroy at any cost radar in Trondheim and wait for the landing of the main forces of the Allies. Failure of the operation will not allow!

'Operation Trondheim 2 - Red Alert' - this time the player will flop to the side of Soviet troops who were sent to the port of Trondheim for critical cryptographic codes ... Who knew that the group of death-greenhorns will man changed the course of the war for the whole Northern European fronts. And most importantly - the man Russian, the most simple farmer, who got into the spy game Reconnaissance USSR. Complete all 10 maps in the fascinating story of a young intelligence officer overturned everything upside down! Crowds of enemies - the Nazis persecute you from level to level, they multiply like mushrooms after the rain! Can not stop, we should go forward only!

'Operation Trondheim 3 - Iron Cross' - June 23, 1941 at the Norwegian coast were planted English descent, whose goal is the port of Trondheim - a strategically important facility for the German forces stationed there. The value of the port was in the locator through which German intelligence intercepts all movement allies in the northern seas. The situation worsened in the evening on June 24, when about Trondheim appeared uninvited guests: Spec. Soviet Army, very few thugs with the sole objective - to capture the codes shifrovok any price, even if you stand in the way of the Allies. Conflict flared between the three forces - the Russian, German and English - the only of its kind in the history of World War II! The final part of the trilogy Operation Trondheim! Pass a whole new campaign for the ordinary Adam Steck, who has played a crucial role in the battle for Port Trondheim!

'Return To Castle Wolfenstein - Project 51' - unofficial addition to the beloved all the Wolfe from the Estonian team MapCenter! The Second World War. German designers are developing a new weapon that could radically change the course of the war. British intelligence decides to send a saboteur and thwart this secret project.

'Return To Castle Wolfenstein - Time Gate' - the secret testing of the destroyer Eldridge in 1944 - fiction became a terrible reality. Similar tests on the movement of the army were in a temporary space and the German command in the old catacombs of Castle Wolfenstein. Attending in 1945, scientists of Nazi Germany managed to establish the Gates of Time, began secret trials. Hitler's headquarters receives confirmation of the possibility of moving troops in a temporary space to change the course of the war. You accidentally become a witness of these events, experiencing the action setup on your own skin. Well, Mr. Scientist, welcome to the castle! You now have only one option to stay alive - to pave the way to the gates of arms, in an unequal battle prostrelivaya head hardened soldier SD SS. Luger, MR-40, grenades, a rifle, a multicore machine gun, flamethrower - everything here will be useful.

'Return To Castle Wolfenstein - Stalingrad' - the battle for Stalingrad is one of the toughest and bloodiest battles of World War II. You alone will have to turn the tide of this battle and help hasten the victory over Nazi Germany.

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