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Data: 24 Wrzesień 2010
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Singularity (Repack/ENG)

Singularity | PC | 2.3GB

In Singularity, you fight your way through an ever-shifting environment haunted with time ravaged creatures, while sudden time waves hurl you back and forth between 1950 and the present day. Use your wits and the perfect weapon - the Time Manipulation Device - to unravel the conspiracy on the remote island of Katorga-12.

Singularity (Repack/ENG)

Singularity (Repack/ENG)

- Time as an ally. Large selection of weapons and the trump card - a unique device management time by which you can the old enemies, returning from the past and change things and even stop time.
- Military secret. Pick-trivial plot, which was based on the time paradox. By collecting the crumbs of information and finding the answers to many questions, players gradually learn the truth about secret military experiment.
- Virtual unreality. Impressive visual embodiment of grim fantasy world and realistically recreates the atmosphere of the Soviet "mailbox" of the Cold War thanks to the wide possibilities of technology Unreal Engine 3.
- Around enemies. Passionate multiplayer battles in conjunction with movements in time provide a lot of thrills

Singularity (Repack/ENG)

Singularity (Repack/ENG)

System requirements:
Operating System :Vista /XP
Video Card : 256 MB
Ram : 2GB
Processor : 2.6 GHz

Release: 24/06/2010, by Activision
Genre: Action
Developer: Raven Software
Language: Eng

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