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Anthology of billiards. Triad (2004/PC/Rus/Eng)

Anthology of billiards. Triad (2004/PC/Rus/Eng)

Year: 2004
Genre: Sports
Developer: Various
Publisher: Various
Platform: PC
System requirements: On P4-1200, 256Mb, 32 mb 3D accelerator
Publication Type: pirates
Language: English + Russian
Size: 693 MB

Before you release, which includes the most popular version of billiards. Realistic physics model and three-dimensional graphics make these types of simulator virtually indistinguishable from the real igry.Reliz features games on the "billiard sports" such as Billiards, Billiards Club, Master of billiards and pool.
Also on the disc are present: the rules of billiards (American billiards, Russian billiards, snooker), articles on billiards, billiard history. Basics: game stand, grip. Positional Strategy of billiards or a game. Technology aiming. Sighting eye. The real point of sight. Robbery pyramid. Bridges. On the choice of the table. Billiards terminology. Diamond system. Reflected balls: doublet and Abricol. "Anatomy" of a billiard cue (for example, for a pool cue). Shots cue cue.

Games included in the collection:

3D Perfect Pool - Excellent dimensional billiard. You can play against the computer or against another person naodnom computer.
3D Ultra Cool Pool - A beautiful pool on the Sierra. Many gaming tables, even a very exotic irregular. Accordingly, the huge number of games which you have not even heard. The game is made at the highest level, with excellent graphics and music.
Jimmy Whites Cueball World - Professional billiards. For the first time you will be able to play against Jimmy White at different tables in different parts of the globe. The game has ultrarealistichenoy physics, all the conditions perfectly legible and animation. The game has an opportunity to play almost all types of billiards.
Live Billiards v1.1 - an excellent three-dimensional billiards. A realistic model of the motion of balls (balls may even depart from the table), high-quality graphics, lighting effects and surround sound. Many varieties of the game: Stright, 14 +1, 3, 8, 9, exotic Pyramid and American.
Pool Paradise - A beautiful three-dimensional billiards, including 11 different types of games. You will have
opportunity to partiCENZURAte in the competition, which is conducted among 31 partiCENZURAnts. All games are played at the rate of winning that you raise your rating. The goal - to win the first place, which employs Jimmy White.
Pool v1.7.0.0 super - realistic pool simulator. Includes 6 popular games, such as 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Pyramid and Straight Pool. Play against your friends or against the computer. You can choose a rival by the level available in the game.
Trickshot (Billiard Club) - Russian version - Simulation billiard club. This professional billiards. Variety of games and levels of complexity. In this game you can develop your eye and work out the complicated combinations that are usable in real life, because physics of the game is no different from the real.
World Championship Snooker 2004 - Take part in an international tournament for the very snukeru.Krome stukera have the opportunity to try their hand at pool, etc. The variety trikshot environments, gaming tables and opponents, each with strong gaming features, delivered billiards fans many hours of pleasure.


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