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Autor: Zibert
Data: 19 Wrzesień 2010
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[PC] Mining and Tunneling Simulator 2010 - ENG

[PC] Mining and Tunneling Simulator 2010 - ENG | 397 MB

The player takes over the task of a specialist for the mountain and tunnel construction which slowly works their way up of small orders up to great tunnel drillings. So there are orders for making depth drillings for setting up mines for the mining of gold as well as minerals as well as tunnel drilling orders for the traffic, for example.
A 3D graphic engine which openly unrealistically represents the event at every time is used for the realistic representation. Bit by bit the player gets more experienced and gets special missions by the more extensive one, these demand whole attention and the dexterity.

A level is regarded as solved if the corresponding tasks were accomplished within the predefined time. Further events influence the regular event, such as, again and again: -

- unforeseen obstacle
- influences of weather,
- like mush, ice and rain
- short-term special actions
- technical defects

- Complete, detailed landscape in 3D graphic,
- innumerable tasks wait a gripping, ongoing story
- weather effects and day/night change
- missions with a Highscore function for the player
- by which prolonged game fun - free game after mastering all tasks possible
- extensive background information to the job outline
- intuitive control by keyboard and mouse

[PC] Mining and Tunneling Simulator 2010 - ENG

[PC] Mining and Tunneling Simulator 2010 - ENG



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