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Earthworm Jim. Special Edition (ENG/1995)

Earthworm Jim. Special Edition (ENG/1995)

Year: 1995
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Shiny Entertainment
Publisher: Activision
Release: smeag0l
Publication Type: license
Platform: PC
Rozmiar 379 MB

Nie wygląda to na typową platformówkę. Chodzi się dosyć dziwacznie wyglądającym robakiem, który ma w zanadrzu pistolet czy bicz. Jest tutaj wiele humorystycznych rozwiązań, dlatego bardzo polecam.

Features of release:
1. Is it proper for expanded first level "New Junk City" (added section with Jim without a spacesuit).
2. Expanded level of "What the Heck?" (Before the "snowman"). At the end of the same level for some reason removed the backdrop during a battle with Evil the Cat. Only on a black background, while the DOS-version of the backdrop on the ground.
3. Added a whole new level "Big Bruty" with a blind carnivorous dinosaur
4. Expanded level of "Down the Tubes" (added a hidden sublevel "Andy Asteroids").
5. Also available level of "Intestinal Distress". He was in the original version of the game on SEGA Genesis, but was cut in versions for the SNES and MS-DOS. In the case of the SNES-level written off by the lack of physical constraints on the cartridge memory (level of banal is not got), but its absence in the DOS-version saddened many.
6. Completely redraw the screen load levels.
7. Added a new weapon - the homing missile.
8. All graphics have been completely redrawn to 256 colors.
9. Added an animated pencil sketch of Jim on the title screen. It also added the inscription "Special Edition".

System requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft ® Windows ® 98, 2000, XP or VISTA
- Processor: clock speed 700 MHz
- Memory: 256 GB
- Video card: GeForce 4 class (similar to ATI) or higher
- Free disk space: 1 GB
- Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card
- Management: keyboard, mouse or gamepad


1. Unpack
2. Mount image using Daemon Tools / Alcohol 120% (or burn the image to disk)
3. Install game
4. Enjoy the game!

Earthworm Jim. Special Edition (ENG/1995)
Earthworm Jim. Special Edition (ENG/1995)

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