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[PC] Divinity II - Ego Draconis - ENG

[PC] Divinity II - Ego Draconis - ENG | 5,8 GB

Divinity II: Ego Draconis is a single player role-playing game (RPG) and third game in the Divinity series. Divinity II features a classless character system, designed to allow ultimate flexibility to any created character with the right level and distribution of experience points. Also featured are a choice-based storyline, the ability to fight in human and dragon form, control of composite creatures formed from parts of defeated enemies and powerful strongholds called Battle Towers that can be transported to in time of need.
Divinity II: Ego Draconis like its predecessors, Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity, is a single player RPG utilizing the standard system of experience point accumulation to level up characters to meet the growing challenges faced. Except in cases where the storyline requires specific series of events and environments, the game features a seamless gameworld, that for the most part players are free to explore. This along with a moral component to decision making, 20 possible quest solutions and varied non-player character (NPC) reactions makes for gameplay pleasing to any RPG fan.

In addition, like Beyond Divinity, Divinity II features a classless character system, where it is possible for any created character, with the right distribution of experience points, to attain the items and/or abilities needed to triumph in virtually any situation faced. This is by design to add flexibility to gameplay. Players of Divinity II also experience flexibility in the game's mix of aerial and ground-based combat. This is rooted in shape-shifting ability that allows players, once the dragon ability is unlocked, and playing in areas physically permissible to the dragon form, to switch between human and dragon forms at will. Beyond the obvious increase in power, playing as a dragon also allows for special skills and abilities not available to humans, as well as allows you to travel faster and longer distances than possible in your human form. Be warned though, you are also much more visible to enemies. Another pivotal element of gameplay is the Battle Tower. Battle Towers are central structures to which you can teleport at all times — once a tower is yours, that is — using a mystical device called the Dragon Stone. More than that, your tower houses multiple rooms and terraces where different attendants provide a variety of services.

Key Game Features:
- Sequel to an Award-Winning RPG Series - Following the lineage of Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity, Divinity II: Ego Draconis has adapted many of the most famous elements that made these two original games classics. Divinity II: Ego Draconis makes use of the same classless system that was incorporated in Divine Divinity, which allows you to choose your own path as you become a Dragon Knight.
- Fight as Both a Human and a Dragon - Don't settle for taming and riding a dragon when you can be the Dragon. For the first time, an RPG unleashes the very power of the Dragon on you. Climb high and vaporize all that stands in your way as you strategically use both your human and dragon forms to defeat Damian and become the ultimate Dragon Knight.
- Dynamic Choice-Based Storyline - Divinity II : Ego Draconis gives you a wide range of moral choices when deciding on how to act on quest objectives. When you make these choices, the consequences of your actions appear throughout game play. Consequences such as up to 20 possible quest solutions, new quest chains, NPC reactions, vendor pricing and other experience-altering consequences make Divinity II: Ego Draconis very interesting and engaging.
- Powerful Battle Tower Gameplay Element - Looming like a colossal stone claw over Sentinel Island, stands the Battle Tower, a vast citadel built many centuries ago by Maxos, the Dragon Mage. Become bound to the Battle Tower through a mystical relic known as the Dragon Stone. The Dragon Stone allows you to teleport to the Battle Tower at any moment so that you can utilize the powers within.
- Build Your Own Ultimate Fighting Creature - Conjure the spirits to bring to life a creature made from body parts you have collected during your battles. This creature's power is literally the sum of its body parts; the composition of various limbs determines its strengths and abilities. Once you are able to assemble this abomination, you may summon it to support you in combat.

[PC] Divinity II - Ego Draconis - ENG

[PC] Divinity II - Ego Draconis - ENG

[PC] Divinity II - Ego Draconis - ENG



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