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[PC] House M.D.

House M.D. | 358.1 Mb

Unsurpassed talent of the physician-diagnostician, thin cynical humour and inimitable charisma of the doctor of the House now and in a computer game! Enter into a command of the brilliant doctor and the finished cynic – Doctors of the House! Together with familiar and favourite characters of a popular serial you should untangle difficult cases from medical practice. But will put to patients the right diagnosis uneasy. Probably, it is necessary even to break the law – secretly to get into the house of the patient or to break a door in its office, after all even the most insignificant proofs can serve as a key to a solution!

Year of release: 2010
Genre: Logic / arcade
The developer:Legacy Interactive
The publisher: bhv Distribution GmbH
Platform: PC
Edition type: the license
Interface language: German
Tablet: it is not required
The size: 358.1 Mb

* an original plot with partiCENZURAtion of all central characters of a serial Ťthe Doctor the Houseť;
* set of fascinating minigames and puzzles;
* a fair share of the well-known sarcasm of the doctor of the House;
* only in the official Russian version of game the postscoring is made by professional actors!

System requirements:
*Ńčńňĺěŕ: WindowsŽ XP/Vista/Windowsj 7
*Ďđîöĺńńîđ: Pentium IV 1.5 GHz
*Ďŕě˙ňü: 1024 MB RAM
*Âčäĺîęŕđňŕ: 128 MB 3D graphics card
*Ŕóäčîęŕđňŕ: DirectX Compatible Soundcard
*Hard disk: 800 MB

[PC] House M.D.

[PC] House M.D.

[PC] House M.D.

[PC] House M.D.

[PC] House M.D.

Download free House M.D.

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