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Battletoads Collection 2003-2010

Genre: Beat-em-up, Action | Developer: Senile Team | Language: English | PC

Three anthropomorphic toads, NES (Rash), Zitts (Zitz) and the Pimple (Pimple), must save Princess Angelica (Princess Angelique) from the Queen of Darkness (Dark Queen), the ruling planet Ragnarok. To help them in this will be Professor T. Bird (T. Bird), with its spacecraft "Grif".

Different levels have very different styles of play. There are a few pseudo-two-dimensional and traditional "beat-em-up" levels, in which the player is moving to cut off the enemy, but even at these levels, as a rule, there are many deadly obstacles. The most difficult races are at levels where the character must overcome several obstacles in flight at high speed, or beat an opponent who can instantly kill a player. These levels usually require the player to memorize the sequence of obstacles, and extremely fast reaction. Other levels include the rise / jump: "snake maze", an underwater level with lethal rubber ducks and dangerous monsters, as well as two complex lifting up, including the final ascent to the tower of the Queen of Darkness.
The game stands out with unusual ways of extermination of enemies. Thanks to the acquired mutations, fighting toads have the ability to transform his body. Due to this, they can cause more serious damage to the enemy in close combat. For example: a running header in which the toad grow horns, blow a huge bloated fist jamming enemy into the ground with both hands, hit a huge swollen leg which takes the form of a shoe, as well as when moving vertically on a rope, the ability to transform into a huge circular dumbbell which confuses enemies in its path.

--- System Requirements ---
- Windows 95/98/98/SE/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7
- Pentium 800 MHz
- 128 MB RAM
- Graphics card
- 509 MB free disk space

List of games --- ---
Battletoads & Comix Zone
Battletoads & Double Dragon II - Revenge
Battletoads & Double Dragon III - The T. Bird Mission
Battletoads & Double Dragon IV - The Return Of Dark Forces

--- Starting the game ---
We go in the game folder -> run OpenBoR.exe -> select a game -> play

Battletoads Collection 2003-2010

Battletoads Collection 2003-2010

Battletoads Collection 2003-2010






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