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Data: 13 Wrzesień 2010
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[PC] Dungeon Siege - Legends of Aranna  - ENG

[PC] Dungeon Siege - Legends of Aranna - ENG | 1,61 GB

Players return to the world of Aranna and start an all-new adventure in the Dungeon Siege expansion pack, an addition to the popular Dungeon Siege PC title. Players are drawn outside the original Kingdom of Ehb into the wilds of Aranna to solve an ancient mystery.
The adventure reveals the origins, lives and eventual downfall of the ancient Utraean civilization. Building on the critically acclaimed gameplay found in Dungeon Siege, the expansion pack features a new part of the world to explore, fantastic creatures to battle, treasures to loot, mysteries to unlock, weapons to wield, armor for protection and unique items sets.


[hide] Siege_ Legends of Aranna.part1.rar Siege_ Legends of Aranna.part2.rar Siege_ Legends of Aranna.part3.rar Siege_ Legends of Aranna.part4.rar Siege_ Legends of Aranna.part5.rar Siege_ Legends of Aranna.part6.rar Siege_ Legends of Aranna.part7.rar

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