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Data: 11 Wrzesień 2010
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[PC] Hoyle Card Games 2011 - ENG

[PC] Hoyle Card Games 2011 - ENG | 660 MB

If you have a knack for blackjack, a passion for poker or a mind for old maid, there's a new way to shuffle through your favorite card challenges all in one place. Put on your poker face for video poker, suit up for solitaire and get ready for a card game that is fit to challenge a card connoisseur of any level - Hoyle Card Games 2011
Take it to the card table and play a huge selection of card games right on your computer screen - whether you play solo challenge family and friends or compete against a cast of Hoyle card-crazy characters, get ready to get dealt a hand full of fun. The casino-style grandeur comes to life with all-new slots games - if you have the poker face and risk-taking readiness. Express yourself while you play with the customizable Face Creator feature, where you can design your own character, then choose your own adversaries. Dive into the thrilling animation, strategic challenges and expert tips, and be the top card shark
Refine your strategy, compete with friends and family and entertain yourself with a huge collection of favorite team-style and solo card games from Old Maid and Canasta to Solitaire and Poker
Play new slots games like Video Blackjack and Video Poker with single and multihand action
Deal the cards in games such as Astro Jack, Backroom Blackjack, Special 21's and more
Customize the game to suit your style - use Hoyle Face Creator to design your own player, then select a regular set of characters to play along with you and even design your own card backs
Experience dynamic card-shuffling excitement through vivid animations and large, easy-to-read cards, adjustable speed of play and more
Spend your winnings on shopping sprees to add selections and upgrades to your characters and your trophy room
Fly solo, challenge friends and family in multiplayer games or compete against in-game characters
Learn new card games with the help of rules and tips for every game



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