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Russian Fishing of Installsoft Edition 2.4 (InstallPack 7

Russian Fishing of Installsoft Edition 2.4 (InstallPack 7

Russian Fishing of Installsoft Edition 2.4 (InstallPack 7

Most popular version of game Russian Fishing in the internet, having ten of thousands of fanaticisms in Russia and countries of near foreignness! And all this due to that a game is well finished off in the best side.

In a game there are 49 most different fishing bases, 466 playing . Not only the reservoirs of the CIS but also reservoirs of the whole world are included. you will be able порыбачить on Nile in Africa or on the banks of the great South-American river Amazon, to go out on fishing in neutral waters of the Black sea or gulf of Finland. To catch an arctic flounder or scaly османа, amazonian anaconda or black caiman. There is such amount of types of fishes in none of fishing simulators, in this game them more than 584.

Not deprived by attention and bait - бокоплав and нереис, a spider and гусеница, usual to us циркулярки and колебалки, resist to beauty-spot and marine spoon-baits.. And yet very much many most various baits, spoon-baits and feeding. Changes touched and геймплея games. The amount of fishes is improved and edited on локациях, biting frequency, more close to reality of habit of fishes, favourite baits and maximal weight of fishes. The interface of game became more colourful and comfortable.

Also to the game new tournaments, elixir of experience, treasures, are added, the carrying capacity of cordages is megascopic et cetera. Plus to everything was worked out and inculcated in a game system of ordinary and captured fishes. Due to this system, catching of fishes becomes yet more unforeseeable and venturesome.

Russian Fishing of Installsoft Edition 2.4 (InstallPack 7)
1. Added new bases: Pripyat, Kazakhstan, Cuba and Florida
2. New fishes are added
3. Open, before closed, bases: Nile, Australia
4. Errors are corrected on bases: the Caspian sea and Ukraine
5. Spinnings of enhanceable carrying capacity are added
6. The map of bases is changed
7. The new type of fishes-albinos is added
8. On the graphic arts of the captured fishes a distinctive logotype is inflicted
9. Improved tournaments on МВ
Russian Fishing of Installsoft Edition 2.4 (InstallPack 8)
1. A new base is added Belarus
2. New fish is added
3. The erroneous parameters of some fishes are corrected and corrected.
4. Errors are corrected on bases: Norway, Cuba
5. To the game failing graphic arts are added
6. The overvalue of many fishes is conducted in Licenses. Widely-widespread fishes are cleaned from a 2th and 3th license.
7. Shallow shortages and misprints are corrected.
Russian Fishing of Installsoft Edition 2.4 (InstallPack 9)
1. A new base
2. Shallow shortages are corrected
3. All closed bases are open
4. New fishes are added
Minimum System requirements:
Pentium 1.2
memory: 256 Mb
video karta with hardware support of DirectX 9.0
screen: no less than 1024x768
place on a hard disk: 400 Mb
Necessary компоненты for the start of game :
1. Microsoft DirectX on August, 9.0c 2009
2. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
3. Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Package

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