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Autor: porsh
Data: 9 Wrzesień 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Need for Speed ProStreet (2007/RUS / RePack by R.G. Pioneers)

Need for Speed ProStreet (2007/RUS / RePack by R.G. Pioneers)
Need for Speed ProStreet (2007/RUS / RePack by R.G. Pioneers)

New part of the known racing series of Need for Speed changes after races.
Information about Game
Title: Need for Speed ProStreet
Genre: Arcade / Racing(Cars)/ 3D
Language of Interface : Russian
Year of producing : 2007
Filesize: 3.42 GB

To the unusual thing of game :

- System of damages will teach to circumspection. Be careful collisions with another typewriters and shots at reinforce-concrete blocks, other you risk to reincarnate brilliant кросотку in the heap of vain trash. To break up, rumple or tear off можнож every detail. Later every race will be to repair a kar, electing between the substitution of decrepit stakes or their renewal - in fact the newest cost large facilities.

it is the Finished off system of тюнинга. Shallow configurations as a bolide affect on his behavior. The decrease of angle of slope of spoiler or height of bumper influences on aerodynamic descriptions. To reincarnate the ordinary kar of можнож in a rocket, developing space speeds, but to control it will be unsimply with her.

it is the Narrow tuning of motor. Not less attention is spared a motor, what to the outward details. Him можнож laboriously to influence, labouring for a suitable effect. From now on concretely "filling" under a hood, but not ostensible pretentious novelties, is the most basic stake of kar.
it is the Licensed autopark. you will meet the great number of machines from the most famous business concerns. In the middle of them BMW M3, Mazda RX - 7, Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 and Nissan GT - R Proto. In a game models are presented from 2-ух 10-ов of noble producers.
are the Front-rank graphic arts. The models of machines are so similar on their veritable models, that a verge between a game and life melts on eyes. Comely clouds, sky, showy sunsets and dawns, contemplate near a route and volumes of thick smoke, breaking forth from under wheels yet more strengthen sense of reality of what be going on.
requirement :
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista
Processor: 2.8 or higher for Windows XP SP2(3.0 ГГц or higher for Windows Vista)
Main memory: 512 MB for Windows XP SP2(1 ГБ for Windows Vista)
Video card: 128 Mb* with support of Pixel Shader 2.0
Sound card: consonant with DirectX 9.0c
Available space on a hard disk: 8,1gb
Input: keyboard, mouse
Additionally: helm of USB, similar
Type of edition : RePack
Medicine: not required
A relese is a group of R.G. Pioneers
File format:. iso
Platform: PC

Lan Edition :

Before you is a network version by closer becoming legend of game. Yet more drive, adrenalin, speed!Yet more competitions and victories!you are expected by 16 newest kars, 2 routes, and главное-возможность played on a local network!Not counting it, all mistakes are corrected actually.

To the unusual thing of RePack :
- Nothing is intagliated, not briefly in the least
it is Setting through virtual CD/DVD - ROM
it is Starting from a tag on a workmount
it is Support to 32 games, from 2 to 8
it is Conduct of statistics and maintenance of results.
it is Storage of data about registration records
SAAM - UNL - in the mode of career a 5 auto
SAAM - BP1 is an auto in a salon
SAAM -СЕ is an auto in a salon
SAAM - BP2 is an auto in a salon

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