Data: 8 Wrzesień 2010
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Star Crossed Love (2010/ENG/Final)

2010 | English | PC | GameHouse | Hidden Object | 274 MB

Embrace the past, present, and future in Star Crossed Love, a romantic search across time to find your soul mate. Julia is a smart and successful woman moving up the ladder at her job, but getting nowhere in her love life. She's tried bars, clubs, and friends - to no avail. She never feels a connection to any of the people she dates, and realizes something is missing; it just doesn't feel "right". On a strange whim one night, Julia posts an ad to an online dating site and gets a cryptic reply, one that sends her down a path to meet the man she's yearned for all her life, and surprisingly, known throughout the ages.

*Take a journey of self-discovery in this Hidden Object romance.
*Search around the world and across time for your soul mate.
*Overcome the karmic forces that have kept you apart in this lifetime.
*Solve puzzles and locate time capsules to re-awaken your memory.
*Can you reconnect with your one true love?

System Requirements
Windows 2000/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows XP
900 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
DirectX 9.0

Star Crossed Love (2010/ENG/Final)






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