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Data: 8 Wrzesień 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Global Conflicts: Palestine

PC game | Genre: Action | 102 MB

Created by Danish developers Serious Games Interactive, Global Conflicts: Palestine puts players in the role of journalists to explore the various sides of the Palestinian conflict. Global Conflicts: Palestine has raised the stakes for serious games by creating a deeper, longer-term experience that takes the player beyond the casual and into the realm of fully immersive, 3D, story-based gaming. In this documentary adventure role-playing game, the player takes the role of a freelance investigative journalist trying to uncover the truth about the Palestinian conflict. The game uses high-quality storytelling, graphics, and cinematic conventions to create a sense of drama and engagement that fosters empathy with the characters as their personal stories are revealed. In the process, the complexity of the situation is revealed as the player must decide whose story will be told, and which version of events will make it into the mainstream news media.

* Suitable for all people interested in world affairs
* Includes full game and access to online communityu and reference
* Learn about issues facing us today by experiencing them in a 3D world
* Earn people's trust and write engaging stories about the conflict

Global Conflicts: Palestine

Global Conflicts: Palestine

Global Conflicts: Palestine






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