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[PC] Pole Position

Pole Position | 463.1 Mb

Title: Pole Position
Year: 2010
Genre: Strategy (Manage / Busin.) / Sport
Developer: destraX Entertainment
Localizer: Kalypso Media
Language: English
The medicine: not required
Size: 463.1 Mb

System requirements:
* System: Windows XP/Vista/7
* Processor: Processor 1 GHz
* Memory: 256 MB
* Video card: 64 MB
* Soundcard: DirectX Compatible Soundcard
* Hard disk: 350 MB

On the game:
Occupying a position of general manager and head of racing at the same time, the player took it on himself all power not only in economic matters but also matters of race tactics. Pointing to its drivers the shortest way to victory, the big boss can then relax with a capsule with validol and watch in real time, as artificial intelligence is implementing its directives. And so 17 times in a row, the number of race tracks. Charter to play a computer command, you can connect to the web and play (for diversity), to another player.

• Extensive management simulation for racing fans
• 17 racetracks all recreated in stunning detail
• Take the existing crew or create your own racing team of more than 200 drivers and 1000 other members of the team
• construction, test and race your own car teams use 17 different components
• Powerful race driver and team editing tool
• instruct the team during the race and see your plans to deploy in real-time
• Multiplayer mode for 2 players via LAN or Internet

1. Mount
2. Establish
3. Play

[PC] Pole Position

[PC] Pole Position

[PC] Pole Position

[PC] Pole Position

[PC] Pole Position

Download Pole Position

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