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Data: 7 Wrzesień 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Street Tennis

Platform: PC | Single / Multiplayer | English | MDF | 439.24 MB
Genre: Sport

This is a 3D Tennis Game in comic environments, based on the code of Roland Garros French Open 2000. The setting is urban, and the players include a Rastafarian and a Skater. The 4 courts are city streets, a space ship, residential suburbs, and metal court, all seen as very unusual places for tennis courts.

The game has a fully textured 3D engine, with dynamic lighting, realtime shadows and a dynamic camera and replay system. Motion Captured animation is used for realistic movements and shots, with the gameplay designed to be arcade oriented. Multiplayer mode allows for up to 4 player on the same computer.

* Four different courts: The Bronx, The Club house, Floor 14 and orbital station!
* A Training mode you can adapt to your level
* Multi-player mode with up to 4 players
* Accurate 3D real time animation, including replay camera
* Easy to use interface allowing players to concentrate on what matters playing the game
* Fantastic motion capture technology gives players realistic moves. See great smashes, services, blocks and passes!

Play modes:

single / multiplayer
multiplayer: LAN / Internet | number of players: 1 - 4

System requirements

Suggested system requirements:
- Pentium II 233MHz, 64MB RAM, 8MB graphic card.

Preffered system requirements :
- Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
- CPU: 800MHz or faster Processor
- RAM: 256 MB






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