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[PC] Star Trek Elite Force II - ENG

[PC] Star Trek Elite Force II - ENG | 316 MB

If you consider yourself a Star Trek fan, then you probably wouldn't expect the TV series to be very good material for a first-person shooter. After all, more so than other science fiction series, Star Trek has always taken a more cerebral approach as the courageous crews of vessels like the Enterprise and Voyager try to seek diplomatic solutions to conflicts with various alien species, prior to having to resort to their phasers and photon torpedoes. And so 2000's Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force was by all means a pleasant surprise--it was a high-quality first-person shooter that happened to take place in the Star Trek universe. Now, nearly three years later, Elite Force has a sequel, one that fans of the previous game will also enjoy. Like its predecessor, Elite Force II is a good, well-rounded shooter that should satisfy fans of similar games, as well as Star Trek fans looking to shoot first and ask questions later.
The word "Voyager" is conspicuously missing from the title of Star Trek Elite Force II, and that's because most of the game has you stationed not on that ship, but on the Enterprise, with good old Jean-Luc Picard. Some of the Voyager cast reprise their roles in the new game, and ultimately the crossover works well. You play the role of Alex Munro (the male version--in the previous game, you could optionally choose to play as a female version of Munro), leader of the Vulcan security chief Tuvok's hazard team--a heavily armed and armored squad designed for situations too dangerous for a standard away team.



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