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Data: 5 Wrzesień 2010
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Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem (2010/ENG)

English | PC | Developer: Strategy 3 Tactics | Publisher: Matrix Games | 873 MB
Genre: Strategy (Real-time / Wargame) / Top-Down

Close Combat - Last Stand Arnhem - a "modernized" version of the second part of the series Close Combat - A Bridge Too Far publisher which, as it is not strange to hear a Microsoft, in the distant 1997. This part of the series actually contains a lot of "old innovations", and the present new elements (such as bombing bridges, and pontoon ferries). From the old goodies, such a system to "buy" units, for me personally, this chip was a very interesting complement to the old A Bridge Too Far, when I was playing in a single abundance began to make for themselves some battles, and using the system to "buy" could create an "ideal "to balance the composition of their units and the enemy (in the Close combat 4 and 5, the player was tightly linked composition of a particular unit).

Now for the rest, it is the same in 1944, Operation "Market Garden", sverhambitsioznaya Allied operations (such as end the war by Christmas, and Catholic), had resulted in serious problems. A giant-scale amphibious operation, of course you can play on both sides, there are some battles, campaigns, and a big campaign against the fence and before dinner. But in general it is best all the dignity of the game, as well as the entire series as a whole does not appear in a duel with an AI and a real person, that's where the real challenge to your skills and abilities. Close Combat - Last Stand Arnhem uses the latest advanced engine Close Combat. In Close Combat - Last Stand Arnhem you as allies will partiCENZURAte in the largest air operation Operation Market Garden. Or, on the German side you have to organize the defense and not give Syuznikam seize the bridge Arnhem.

System requirements:
- System: Windows XP/Vista/7
- Processor: Intel Pentium [email protected] GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1500 +
- Memory: 1 GB
- Video card: nVidia GeForce 6600 / ATI Radeon X1300 128 MB
- Soundcard: DirectX Compatible Soundcard
- Hard disk: 1 gb

1. Mount an image in DAEMON Tools or Alcohol.
2. Install the game. When will ask for the serial number, type what you want, but do not leave the field pustymiy.
3. Play!

Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem (2010/ENG)

Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem (2010/ENG)

Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem (2010/ENG)






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