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Data: 5 Wrzesień 2010
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[PC] Ultimate Spider-Man REPACK

[PC] Ultimate Spider-Man REPACK | 612 MB

In the game we do not have to completely repeat the events of comics. Developers promise a completely new story - especially for writing the script to the project invited all of the same old Brian. This means that in addition to an interesting story we expect a meeting with all the already known characters like the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and other legendary heroes ...
But this is not all. The beauty of a license, you acquired a Activision, is the ability to engage in a game unique characters from other cartoon stories from Marvel. For example, we will have to rendezvous with the "Silver Surfer". Who else should have to encounter a spider is not known, but hope charismatic Punisher and violent and uncommunicative ("At first I'd break your jaw, and then ask why you came up to me") Wolverine.
Plot of the game is based on the confrontation of two monsters - Peter Parker and Eddie Brock (Venom). If a mutation of the first all clear (yes, happily recall the original story of origin "Spaydi"), then with Brock bitch-fate decided to play. Screenwriters departed from the original comics, inventing a new story. Violet junk, which dressed Eddie, is nothing like an anti-cancer suit, jointly established by the parents of Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, a mutation, apparently - a small side effect. Ironically, or not say. And now the two rivals will have to share the city.

Features repack:
-Do not cut
-Nothing was recoded into a smaller bitrate
-Exclusive avtorana
-It is based on version 1.5 GB
-Fixed a bug with Venom



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