Data: 3 Wrzesień 2010
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Vivisector: Beast Within (Full-Rip)

Vivisector: Beast Within | PC | Genre: Fantasy First-Person Shooter | 290 MB

Vivisector: Beast Inside mixes action and horror in the wake of the disturbed laboratory experiments of the mysterious Dr. Morhead on the remote Soreo Isle. He has created bizarre never-before seen creatures, ModBeasts, Humanimals and Brutes ... human/animal hybrids, violating the very foundations of nature. And, as the unfortunate sailors aboard the H.M.S. Spider, who have just arrived on the island to explore, will soon find out, these creatures possess all of the cunning and abilities of their human geneitics with the wild, uncontrolled nature of their beast souls.

Key features:
* "Vivisector. Beast Within" a dynamic, hard, straight-out 3D-action based on the sci-fi novel by Herbert Wells "The Island of Dr. Moreau".
* Intriguing scenario that won’t let you catch your breath through the whole game and will lead you to an unexpected outcome.
* Inimitable enemies with unique abilities, weapons and combat tactics.
* Character development system allowing to improve the combat abilities of the hero and upgrade weapons.
* Bonus system encouraging game world exploration and combat effectiveness

System requirements
# Windows 2000/XP
# 1,8 GHz Processor
# 512 MB
# GeForce FX or Radeon 7600 or video card with 256 MB
# Sound BlasterŽ AudigyŽ 2 ZS sound card
# 3 GB Hard Disk Space
# DVD-ROM Drive

Ripped: Nothing

Vivisector: Beast Within (Full-Rip)

Vivisector: Beast Within (Full-Rip)

Vivisector: Beast Within (Full-Rip)





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