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Data: 31 Sierpień 2010
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[PC] Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater - ENG

[PC] Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater - ENG | 170 MB

The key to victory hinges on the defeat of island strongholds throughout the Pacific. To do this the U.S. army deploys specially trained soldiers to carryout commando-style attacks against the forces of Japan. From sweltering rainforests to sun-baked coral beaches and stinking mangrove swamps, players lead their squad of 12 skilled heroes on real missions with real consequences. Coordinate attacks, sneak into enemy villages, rescue captured POWs and more. Missions can be played single-handedly or jointly with friends over the Internet for cooperative play. It's the authentic hard-edged intensity of the Pacific Theater.
* Creep silently through immersive environments featuring authentic WWII vehicles, weapons, and uniform
* Customize squads and strategy to best achieve each mission's objectives.
* Experience movie-like action and environments throughout the entire Pacific campaign from the Philippines to Okinawa.
* Manage team tactics team in single player games, play cooperatively over LAN or the Internet.



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