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Data: 29 Sierpień 2010
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[PC] Dungeons And Dragons-DragonShard - ENG

[PC] Dungeons And Dragons-DragonShard - ENG | 1,53 GB

It's a strange thought, but after a decade of real-time strategy,no one has bothered to make an actual D&D-based real-time strategy game. Oh, there have been countless real-time strategy games that clone D&D, but not an actual D&D game. That's now changed with Dragonshard, the latest game from Liquid Entertainment. And before you think that this is a standard, formulaic real-time strategy game, think again. Yes, it could have been easy to make a cookie-cutter RTS game featuring a good chunk of creatures from the latest edition of D&D's Monster Manual, but the folks at Liquid have done far better than that. By taking inspiration from D&D's role-playing roots, Liquid has made an RTS that's both interesting and new. More importantly, it's fun to play
-mount the mir-dsa.img
-install the game
-go to dir Patch and After patch files
-run Dragonshard_Patch-v1.1.4.exe
-go to dir After_patch_files
-copy paste the files into your install directory (overwriting)
-mount back the mir-dsa.img
-run Dragonshard.exe while mounted image

[PC] Dungeons And Dragons-DragonShard - ENG


[hide] And Dragons-DragonShard CloneCD[Oct,02,2005]-MiRROR.part1.rar And Dragons-DragonShard CloneCD[Oct,02,2005]-MiRROR.part2.rar And Dragons-DragonShard CloneCD[Oct,02,2005]-MiRROR.part3.rar And Dragons-DragonShard CloneCD[Oct,02,2005]-MiRROR.part4.rar And Dragons-DragonShard CloneCD[Oct,02,2005]-MiRROR.part5.rar And Dragons-DragonShard CloneCD[Oct,02,2005]-MiRROR.part6.rar And Dragons-DragonShard CloneCD[Oct,02,2005]-MiRROR.part7.rar

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