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[PC] Area 51 - ENG

Area 51 - ENG | 702 Mb | One Link

Year: 2005
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer & Publisher: Midway Games
Platform: PC
Release date: June 6, 2005
Developer: Midway Games Austin
Publisher: Midway Games

Publication Type: pirates
Release Group: Master Media
Tablet: Not required
Language: English
Size: 702 Mb

Because occurred in a secret laboratory accident dangerous military virus got in ventilation. The main character in the special forces arrived there in order to settle the problem. He finds that the laboratory is under the control of aliens who, together with scientists from the number of people spend a shocking experiments, and the accident - not an accident ... Exciting plot will open the veil of secrecy, which conceals the truth. As we know, who know the truth do not last long. It remains to rely on the skill, ingenuity, alien weapons and mutagenic effects of the virus. Fantastic shooter ŤArea 51" - an excellent gift to all who indignantly refers to the skeptics who do not believe that aliens exist, and the government of this fact conceals.

- Breathtaking gameplay that includes fighting and classified research lab
- 10 weapons, including terrestrial and extraterrestrial
- Powerful multi-user
- Infectious mutagen gives the player extraterrestrial abilities and skills
- Creatures that are generated by a monstrous - in the best sense - a fantasy staff studio Stan Wilson, known for his work to the films "Jurassic Park", "Predator" and the TV series "Strangers"

System requirements:
Operating system Microsoft Ž Windows Ž 2000/XP
Processor Pentium Ž 1,4 GHz / AMD Ž 1,2 GHz (the game does not support Thunderbird series processors 1200 +)
256 MB of RAM
3 GB of free hard disk space
VGA ATI 8500 / NVIDIA GeForce 3 (GeForce MX and the like are not supported. Work on the built-in video adapters are not guaranteed) c 32 MB of memory
Sound device compatible with DirectX Ž 9.0c
DirectX Ž 9.0

- Mount the image in any emulator CD / DVD drive
- Install game
- You can play!

[PC] Area 51 - ENG

[PC] Area 51 - ENG

[PC] Area 51 - ENG

Download free Area 51 - ENG

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