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Soldner: Secret Wars (Rip)

PC game | Publisher: Encore | Size: 197 MB
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Wings Simulations now leads us headlong into military action in the year 2010: After half a century of military interventions, major countries like the USA and Russia are tired of their role as the "World Police". The consequences of their military actions for their economies, national security and internal ethnic conflicts were becoming too severe and eventually the former super-powers tired of war.

Instead, more and more countries choose increasingly unconventional warfare by using special secret forces. Military success is no longer made by major countries but by small and highly specialized mercenary troops.


* Tactical military action

* Realistic virtual battlefield with advanced terrain engine with a new destruction system

* Simulation of a highly complex diplomatic system which creates the dynamic campaigns and missions

* Dynamic world generation based on digital satellite data with day and night cycle and changes in weather

* Designed for team play in a Multiplayer environment with a multitude of team missions

* Dedicated server support for up to 32 players, up to 128 players on special servers

* Dynamic single player campaigns with mission generator

* Realistic weapon systems from the research laboratories of the military industr

Hardware Requirements
Windows XP/2000 or Windows 98/ME
128MB memory
Pentium III - 733 Mhz or equivalent
DirectX 8.1b compatible 3d graphics card with 16MB memory

1. Unrar
2. Run Instal.bat
3. For start the game you need execute ...\SoldnerSecretWars\game\Bin\soeldner.bat
4. Enjoy!

Soldner: Secret Wars (Rip)

Soldner: Secret Wars (Rip)

Soldner: Secret Wars (Rip)




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