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[PC] Elemental. War of Magic

Elemental. War of Magic | 1.93 GB

Once in a fantasy world came shattering magical cataclysms, which nearly destroyed everything. Incredibly, even after this terrible disaster and the decline of ancient civilizations are not stopped bloody wars. By the will of latter-day rulers and military chiefs from the ashes arise kingdom people. Horde evil and cruel creatures known as the Fallen, united under the banner of the dark lords and warlocks. Everywhere from centuries of sleep, awakening the ancient establishment, to carry the horror and destruction on the land of mortals.

By creating a personal hero-avatar with a unique set of characteristics and skills, players will explore the boundless universe full of danger. Freshly baked heroes to fight with enemy nations and to confront terrifying monsters, creating their own, unique history Elemental.

Classic turn-based strategy with an innovative role-playing game.
A huge game world, hundreds of characters who are ready to join the new empire, and countless hordes of dangerous mythical creatures.
Great story, drop down as far as dating a player with a huge universe Elemental.
Exciting duels and bloody military campaign in multiplayer mode.
Extensive Modding: from launch an unprecedented monsters to create entire continents.

Year of Manufacture: August 24, 2010
Genre: Strategy (Turn-based / Grand strategy) / Isometric
Developer: Stardock Entertainment
Publisher: Stardock Entertainment
Platform: PC
Size: 1.93 GB
Language: English only
Voice set Language: English only
Publication Type: license
Tablet: Is present

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP (SP2 or higher) / Windows Vista / Windows 7;
> Processor: Intel Pentium with a clock frequency of 3 GHz
> Memory: 1.5 GB
> Hard drive space: 8 GB free hard disk space
> Sound device: compatible with DirectX
> Video: DirectX compatible graphiccard with 256 MB VRAM

[PC] Elemental. War of Magic

[PC] Elemental. War of Magic

[PC] Elemental. War of Magic

[PC] Elemental. War of Magic

Download Elemental. War of Magic

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