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[PC] My Kingdom for the Princess

My Kingdom for the Princess | 38.9 Mb

One day, Princess Elena came to visit his uncle, King Sigismund. King was a perky bald old man and a lot of jokes about how he was slapped on the ass princess, when she was little, but now she is so big that she herself who want to spank. "Marry!" Marry your time! " His conclusion Sigismund, drinking sturgeon compote. Suddenly ...

Began a hurricane, what was already 200 years. He was devastated orchards and fields, tore roofs from homes, blocked the roads with stones and trees. Worst of all, the hurricane was awakened dragon Ognedona, who spent the winter peacefully in his gorge. You do not awake lizard hooligan at night, bringing poor people to hysterics. From the home of Helen of pigeon-mail came a letter that her father was ill, and it urgently needs to go home, on the other end of the kingdom. But the roads are impassable, the villages along the way destroyed, and over the country circling hungry dragon ... Who is able to deliver the princess home through the devastated land?

For it takes a knight Arthur, a well-known wit and courage. He is to kill two birds with one stone - to deliver the princess to their destination and to rebuild the country's economy, where will be their way.

It is clear that good deeds never go unrewarded, and in each reconstructed section of the country's Arthur receives a bag of coins directly from the royal treasurer, which in his own manor built a large and cozy castle. Construction of the castle you'll see while you travel the map of the Kingdom. The faster and better will be restored land, the more beautiful and above will be your castle.

Publisher: Bigfish
Genre: Strategy
Language: English
Platform: PC
Size: 38.9 Mb
The information in the archives for the restoration: 3%
The medicine: not required (full version)

[PC] My Kingdom for the Princess

[PC] My Kingdom for the Princess

[PC] My Kingdom for the Princess

[PC] My Kingdom for the Princess

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