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[PC] Janes Combat Simulations: USAF with Super Pro - ENG

[PC] Janes Combat Simulations: USAF with Super Pro - ENG | 1,51 GB

This Jane's flight sim features eight jets from the U.S. Air Force, more than 62 historical and hypothetical missions -- including a semi-dynamic future campaign. Advanced graphics feature spectacular special effects, 3D cockpits for each aircraft and screen resolution up to 1280 x 1024. Missions can be recorded and played back. Detailed, "real-world" terrain uses stereoscopic satellite data with true elevation and coloring. Voice activation technology can control wing man commands, aircraft operations and pre-defined chat messages.
Installation takes 30+ minutes when installing the Super Pro add on which gives you tons more aircraft, weapons and missions. Also this has been confirmed elsewhere as being vista compatible.

STEP 1: -------installation of Stock Version--------

1) Install USAF Stock version full installation.
2) Copy the NO-CD file and paste it over the installed USAF.exe

Optional STEP 2: -------installation of Super Pro Version--------

1) Install (in order) the Super Pro files (I chose to install the Super Pro Folder as a sub-folder Jane's Combat Simulations\USAF\USAF Super Pro\ the Super Pro folder must be separate from the stock install):
Super Pro Disk1
Super Pro Disk2
Super Pro Disk3
Super Pro Disk4
Super Pro patch (Error "not a valid win32 application". So I skipped this step. The USAF-Patch.exe file is located in the Super Pro Folder)
Super Pro Mission patch
2) Copy the 16 terrain files from (the stock version) “USAF\Resource\Terrain” folder to “Super Pro\Resource\Terrain” folder.
3) Install the Super Pro Utilities Suite Setup v1.1.exe in the Super Pro installation folder CLICK NO towards the end of the installation (you don't need the terrain files since they were previously copied).
4) ONLY FOR WIN-XP USER: Run USAFconfig.exe (from USAF Super Pro folder), set the "Primary video
driver" (do not select your video card driver even if it is available in the drop down box) and click on "Test"
5) Run USA SUPER PRO\Utilities\USAF Super Pro Install path FIX.exe and fix paths.
6) Run the USAF Super Pro Launcher (located in the USAF Super Pro\utilities folder, create a new pilot with the pilot editor and have fun clicking "Start
USAF Super Pro" button (after you select the mission you want to fly and you load the proper mods files
as described in following section).


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