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Data: 23 Sierpień 2010
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[PC] Kohan II Kings of War - ENG

[PC] Kohan II Kings of War - ENG | 643 MB

Kohan II: Kings of War returns players to the dangerous beauty of Khaldun, where the brief respite in the timeless war between Light and Shadow has come to its end. Even as the world erupts in civil war, an ancient evil gives out a call, and the Shadow-touched begin to gather.
Set years after Kohan:
Immortal Sovereigns, Kohan II: Kings of War raises the Kohan series to new heights, introducing gorgeous 3D rendered terrain,weather effects, diverse armies, and more, while still retaining the award-winning gameplay of the original games.

- Battle online with up to 8 rival generals in a variety of multiplayer scenarios.
- Random map generator and map editors to customize your own maps.
- 25 engaging and in-depth campaign missions.
- Six distinct warring races and five rival political factions.
- Streamlined Unit Management: Kohan˙ĎÍs revolutionary unit command system keeps your focus on combat and conquest.
- Handpick your Heroes and Warriors and build up their skills and spells.
- Discover new technologies that will provide you with hidden powers and units.
- Awaken over 70 different Kohan heroes and keep them alive to unlock their devastating spells.

Install notes:
-mount the image
-copy the contents from crack directory on the image to directory u installed the game


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