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Data: 21 Sierpień 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

World War II Time of Wrath (ENG/2010/RIP-Unleashed)

English | PC | Developer: Wastelands Interactive | Publisher: Matrix Games | 207 MB
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy

World War 2: Time of Wrath is a turn and hex based strategy allows players to take control over any country during World War 2 era in Europe and North Africa theater. Time of Wrath has been designed in a way that will allow players who are new to the genre to quickly familiarize with the rules and to start battles with veterans who still remember such great titles as Panzer General or Clash of Steel. Easy rules, deep historical setting and detailed OOB, together with great moddability potential will allow for hundreds of hours of gameplay as any nation or even whole alliance.


* Four Grand Campaigns (1939, 1940, 1941 and 1944) cover the full war in the European Theater, lasting up to 1948 for maximum flexibility
* Two Scenarios (Fall Weiss and Overlord)
* Simple and intuitive user interface with engrossing historical gameplay
* Hundreds of historical events such as Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Vienna Dictate, Lend-Lease, and many more
* Play as any nation and as any combination of countries to experience the war through a unique perspective
* Air and Land Combat, including Sieges, Interceptions, Strategic Bombardment, Air Recon, Fleet Air attacks, Bombardment
* Enhanced naval system that includes Aircraft Carriers, Battle, Patrol and Submarine Groups. Managing fleets, convoys and raiders in Sea Zones.
* Air forces now extend their power over nearby sea zones
* Advanced weather system simulates spring and autumn / rainfall and snow. Beware of General Winter! Weather conditions have a different effect on each country
* Any combination of move and attack is allowed as long as Action Points are available
* Technological race in research of new more powerful units
* Mulberry harbors now available as a helpful and powerful tool in preparation for huge landing operations
* Paratroopers conduct airborne landings help to take distant key point locations
* Fully historical, detailed orders of battle in all scenarios with historical names for hundreds of land, air and naval units
* Land units divided are into Divisional and Corps size allowing the player to choose what best fits his economy and play style
* Historical commanders boost the effectiveness of units under their care
* Improved A.I. to perform better at the strategic and tactical level
* An innovative naval combat model and realistic supply convoy attack system
* A simple yet immersive political point system for diplomatic relations – alienate enemies and solidify ties with allies
* A healthy variety of combat units to command from armored and airborne forces to strategic bombers and battleships – even nukes
* Random historical events that can guide and shape the course of the war

System Requirements:
# OS: XP, Vista
# CPU: 1.2Ghz, AMD 2000+
# RAM: 512 MB
# Video/Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 64 MB RAM
# Sound: DirectX 9 compatible

World War II Time of Wrath (ENG/2010/RIP-Unleashed)

World War II Time of Wrath (ENG/2010/RIP-Unleashed)

World War II Time of Wrath (ENG/2010/RIP-Unleashed)




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