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Autor: Zibert
Data: 10 Sierpień 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

[PC] Gorky Zero 2 Aurora Watching - ENG

[PC] Gorky Zero 2 Aurora Watching - ENG | 444 MB

Aurora Watching from Polish developer Metropolis Software is a third person action shooter which is a follow-up to last years Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor. The game is centered on Cole Sullivan. An ex-NATO commando, who has become a bit of a recluse and a drunk until he is reenlisted to go solve the mystery of a Russian submarine that has sunk in the Barents Sea.
The game offers a training level so we took that in to see how things would shape up. You appear in a maze like room and are given step by step directions on the various modes of movement and aiming etc. There are two views available, the usual behind the head view and, by pressing the spacebar, an overhead view which is useful for negotiating the maze and allows you to see round corners. Movement is controlled by the mouse wheel. There are three ways to get around, stealth, which puts you in a crouch so you can sneak around, walk and run. There are objects to move, things to jump and a few enemies to practice you aiming skills on as well as remote devices that will attract an enemy to it so you can ambush them. You are able to lean around corners but this was a little tricky to get right, positioning close enough to the corner so as to be able see the target and not be seen yourself does not leave much room for error. The female that gives the instructions was a little irritating as she speaks just a little too slowly, you find yourself wishing she had get on with it; otherwise the training level does its job well enough to be able to start the game.


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