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Data: 3 Sierpień 2010
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[PC] Landwirtschafts Simulator - ENG

[PC] Landwirtschafts Simulator - ENG | 418 MB

Continuation of the famous farmer simulator with a lot of new features and improvements. You speak as a novice farmer, who will start their own businesses. The choice available to the player many cars and agricultural equipment for harvesting and processing of new crop. In Career mode, the player gets in his possession the original farm was equipped with an old, outdated equipment. You can now manage the farm, to increase the fleet of vehicles, and to be a successful farmer.
After the successful start of your farming activities, such as plowing fields, sowing and harvesting, you will receive financial assistance for the development of the farm. Visit us dealers to purchase new, or the sale of old vehicles. On the choice of player available 7 tractors, combine harvesters, and 4 more than 20 kinds of agricultural machinery such as plows, seeders, press. Through collaboration with the Corporation AGCO, the owner of the well-known brands Fendt, you can control many brands of tractors and harvesters from this company. In addition, cooperation with P?ttinger Landtechnik allows the player to use the original equipment of this company. If these machines and equipment, not enough, you can choose a large number of additional vehicles, equipment, various modifications of the network.
In addition Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2009 offers many different missions, as well as a realistic change of day and night, with a variety of weather conditions.

- Mode business careers section
- Numerous missions and textbooks Large
- Park authentic Fendt vehicles
- Miscellaneous equipment, agricultural machinery
- 4 of culture: barley, corn, canola and wheat
- Realistic change of day and night, with the change of weather
- Help your computer to harvest
- Load additional vehicles and equipment
- Support Gamepad

[PC] Landwirtschafts Simulator - ENG


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