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Data: 29 Lipiec 2010
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[PC] Crach Bash

Crach Bash | 98 Mb

In an unknown part of space Aku Aku dispute with his twin brother Uka Uka that is stronger: good or evil. Uka Uka believes that he is the strongest, and that evil must be able to win. Aku Aku decides that it is necessary to resolve this dispute once and for all.

The brothers agree to the contest.
The game takes place in five warp room, on each floor are different number of portals leading to a mini-game, or battle with the boss. In the mini-game involving four players. You can play alone against the three players that are controlled by computer (on the principle of "every man for himself"), and can be two against two computer (on the principle of "doubles"). Passing mini-games, the player collects trophies (cups), then precious stones, crystals, gold and platinum relics.

Year: 2000
Genre: adventure, mini-games
Developer: Eurocom
Publisher: Universal Interactive
Publication Type: Ported 2010
Language: Russian
Voice set Language: Russian
Tablet: Not required, full version
Size: 98 Mb
After installation: 138 Mb

System requirements: Pentium IV-1800 / 512M RAM / 128M Video 3D, Windows XP / 7, DirectX 9.0

[PC] Crach Bash

[PC] Crach Bash

[PC] Crach Bash

[PC] Crach Bash

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