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Autor: Zibert
Data: 29 Lipiec 2010
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[PC] Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter - ENG

[PC] Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter - ENG | 225 MB

In this space shooter game the player is in a role of a turret gunner/shooter serving on a deep space exploration mission. Encountering an alien race while scanning for mineral rich asteroids in space, the conqueror race starts it’s attack right at the beginning. As it later turns out, the region is not dense with minerals -- it is rich with hostile vessels…
Game Features:
- Fastest and most intense 3d shooter space game you have ever seen -- feel free to compare it to other games!
- The ship is driven by the pilot, and you defend with 2 turrets (upper and lower) covering all the space around the vessel (this is a 3d “rail” shooter space game)
- 6 blood pounding missions with great heavy metal tracks while shooting down the invading force, with an option of muting the music if you rather prefer silence or playing some custom tunes on your favorite player in the background
- Hours and hours of fun play before you successfully survive the last world and inform humanity about the Acronians -- rewarded with a neat animation at the end
- 4 levels of difficulty (Rookie, Normal, Ace and Abnormal)
- Incredible space environments
- Flexible graphics settings to meet your hardware -- you can check the features and minimal/recommended specifications for this space game
- 3d explosions with debris falling of everything you shoot at, plus beautiful particle space effects
- Shop available at the end of each level: weapon, add-ons, shields, utilities, repair-bots…
- Intro and game complete cut-scenes

[PC] Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter - ENG


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