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Data: 28 Lipiec 2010
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[PC] Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos : Yugi the Destiny - ENG

[PC] Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos : Yugi the Destiny - ENG | 300 MB

The card game itself is virtually identical to the one seen in the Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoon and the real-world Yu-Gi-Oh! collectible card game, so fans should be instantly familiar with how to play. First-timers, of course, will have a slightly steeper learning curve to deal with, especially if they're not already knowledgeable about the basics of collectible card games. Most of the basics are elementary enough that you'll likely you'll likely catch on with a bit of trial and error, though the game features a serviceable tutorial mode, and the manual that comes with the game is dense with specific information about the subtler nuances of the Duel Monsters game.
Basically, you start off with a more or less random deck of cards consisting of monster cards, spell cards, trap cards, and special summon cards. The monster cards can be used to attack your opponent's monster cards or, if your opponent has no monster cards in play, to attack him or her directly, with the ultimate goal of taking all your opponent's hit points before he or she can do the same to you. Spell and trap cards serve a variety of different offensive and defensive purposes, such as upping the statistics of your monster cards, destroying one of your opponent's cards, counteracting your opponent's move, or fusing two monsters into a third, more powerful monster. Most monsters can be brought directly into play from your hand, though certain monsters require a summon card to be played before they can be brought into action.

Winning duels will net you new cards, and you can go into the game's deck construction mode to manage what cards you have that you want to use in your active playing deck. To the end of re-creating the collectible card game, Power of Chaos is quite successful. The problem is that, beyond dueling with the AI, there isn't anything else to Power of Chaos--no story mode, no multiplayer, nothing. If you consider the standards for PC collectible card games that have been set by the likes of Magic: The Gathering Online, having a stripped-down duel mode shoulder the entire weight of the game simply is not enough.


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