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Data: 27 Lipiec 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Alliance Future Combat

Alliance Future Combat | 195 MB
Genre : Action

Settle into a real-time strategy game called Alliance: Future Combat and you naturally expect a little sci-fi. The name of Serbian developer Gameyus Interactive's wannabe epic evokes thoughts of cataclysmic battles taking place many years from now, a feeling emphasized by a box emblazoned with space-age soldiers and jets that look like Vipers, as well as a plot about genetic engineering. But not so fast. All of this "future combat" actually takes place in the distant year of 2008. All of the fighting is done by contemporary-looking soldiers and tanks. And the gameplay takes you back in time to the days when RTS programmers had yet to figure out such intricacies as pathfinding, level design, and visual presentation.

Alliance Future Combat

Alliance Future Combat

Alliance Future Combat




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