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Data: 26 Lipiec 2010
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Enigma: Rising Tide (Rip)

PC game | Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive | 172 MB
Genre: Action Simulation

Enigma: Rising Tide is Tesseration Games latest PC project. Coming from former employees of Dynamix, the game will focus on the massive multiplayer online gaming genre (MMO). Set in a past different than our own, Enigma: Rising Tide puts players in control of some of the most powerful naval machines ever. Modeled after World War II warfare, the game puts a heavy emphasis on strategy and fast gameplay.


* Join one of three dynamic factions in an alternate universe: United States, Imperial Germany, or the League of Free Nations.
* Pilot submarines, corvettes, destroyers, armed merchantmen, battleships, cruisers and more.
* Real-time cinematic action.
* Voice-activated command and control of your vessel.
* Dynamically assigned missions based on strategic priorities.
* Dynamic ocean effects and vehicle physics that respond to weather conditions.
* Evolving alternate history backstory.

Hardware Requirements
500 MHz cpu
256mb of system Ram (512k swap space)
32mb GeForce2 Pro level video card
Hardware audio card (may not be needed)

Installation Notes:
1. Unrar
2. Run "setup.bat"
3. Start game with "Enigma.exe"
4. Enjoy!

Enigma: Rising Tide (Rip)

Enigma: Rising Tide (Rip)




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