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Data: 14 Lipiec 2010
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[PC] Farming Simulator Gold Edition - ENG

Assume the role of a farmer and experience the 18 hours-a-day lifestyle of running a busy farm in the middle of beautiful, rolling countryside.You start the game by choosing from a small collection of basic vehicles and machinery to explore your fairly sparce farmland which measures a mere 4 km2. As you progress through the game you’ll need to visit the local agricultural machinery store to trade in your old vehicles and equipment for newer kit. Here you can choose tractors and combine harvesters from Fendt and Poettinger agricultural plant and machinery.The original machines available in Farming Simulator are still available for use - seven beautifully detailed tractors, four combine harvesters and over 20 tools such as a plough, seeder, baler and a self loading wagon. Plus all the new toys to play with! Don’t forget too that Farming Simulator is MOD-friendly so if you are still looking for more vehicles, equipment and modifications you can download these from the Internet!
Farming Simulator also contains various missions and tutorials to complete as well as featuring a realistic day-and-night cycle with changing weather conditions. As a modern farmer you can also activate computer-controlled vehicles which will help you get your work done.

- Career mode with business section
- Lots of different missions and tutorials
- Large vehicle fleet with authentic Fendt machines
- Plenty of very sophisticated equipment
- 4 different crops: barley, corn, canola and wheat
- Day and night cycle with weather changes
- AI traffic and computer-controlled assistants
- Download additional vehicles and equipment with automatic mod installation
- Gamepad and steering wheel support

- 4 new missions: grub, sow, spray and collect bales
- 7 new machines and equipment: 3 cultivators and 2 sowing machines from HORSCH. 1 self-propelled sprayer and an automatic bale collector
- New keyboard, mouse and gamepad controls configuration menu
- Improved gamepad, joystick and steering wheel support


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