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Data: 14 Lipiec 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

BeanoTown Racing (Rip)

BeanoTown Racing (Full-Rip)|120Mb Only

It’s race day in Beanotown* and the top characters from the famous Beano comic* along with some ‘friendly’ rivals from the
Dandy* are competing in the Beanotown championship challenge consisting of six very special race tracks set-up around Beanotown.
Beanotown racing offers great fun* racing thrills and spills* and the chance to prove you’re the ace speedster in your family!

*Race one of 10 top comic characters* including your favorites Dennis the Mennis* Desperate Dan* Roger the Dodger*
Bananaman* Bea* Minnie the Minx* Brain Duane* Gnasher* Plug and Korky the Cat.

*Race through 6 special tracks setup around Beanotown.

*3 game modes will test your skills as you either take on the rest of the characters in the “Beanotown Championship”*
Battle it out in “Single Race” or try to beat your lap records in “Time Trial”.

*Collect Weapons and Speed Boost Power-Ups to leave the competition behind



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