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[PC] X-Men Origins: Wolverine - ML

[PC] X-Men Origins: Wolverine - ENG | 1,16 GB

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Due comics, movies and games Browse X mutants known to many people. But what can you tell about each of them? Naming a nickname, describe the unique ability - this is, perhaps, is all. X-Men Origins: Wolverine offers a unique opportunity to a much closer look at the one of the most colorful fighters team - wolverines.
The game is based on the same film, which sheds light on the past of the hero. Virtual thriller X-Men Origins: Wolverine partially repeats the events of the painting, but also falls for her frame. You know, like what was created glutton, who has tried to manage them and how he found freedom, but also discover the other dark and frightening secrets of his past. But the road to truth is far from simple. In order to survive in fights with multiple opponents, wolverines need all his ability - outstanding agility, impressive strength and sharp claws.
Hurricane fighter. Life wolverines - are continuing the struggle. You have to cope alone with the whole attacking troops, fight a desyatikilometrovoy height, jump through the rotating blades of the helicopter and make a lot more tricks that are not mere mortals.
More than hundreds of receptions. Glutton perfectly mastered the skill of close combat, using adamantovyh claws. He cut, pierce, and dissecting the enemies, without leaving them the slightest chance. In addition, the hero jumps beautifully - lightning-like shot is used to attack opponents who are not approaching at a distance of impact.
Adamantine warrior. The wounds and fractures heal a wolverine before our eyes. Inhuman resistance to damage his body, and fantastic speed of regeneration allows the hero to operate and extremely risky.
Come into a rage! In this state the character opens new techniques and combinations of strokes, making it the perfect machine for killing.
Animal instinct. To find enemy weaknesses, to obtain a tactical advantage and emerged on the way to solve the puzzle, wolverine uses his animal instinct.

[PC] X-Men Origins: Wolverine - ML

[PC] X-Men Origins: Wolverine - ML


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